MIDL Foundation

The MIDL Foundation is a non-profit legal entity in The Netherlands listed in the Dutch commercial register under number 75867699. The MIDL Foundation is responsible for organizing the yearly MIDL conference. The full aim of the Foundation is "to stimulate research in the field of medical imaging and image analysis, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and all other scientific fields related to it by, among other things: organizing and supporting conferences, meetings such as the annual MIDL conference, publications and activities in the above field, and the acquisition of funds for these activities."

In 2019, the Foundation was established by members of the organizing committees of MIDL 2018 and MIDL 2019. The financial responsibility for the organization of these conferences was with the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Imperial College in London, UK, and it turned out to be complicated to maintain the remaining funds from a MIDL edition and use this 'war chest' to provide an upfront loan to future MIDL organizing teams to cover expenses that typically have to be made when organizing a conference before revenues from registration fees and sponsorship agreements materialize. The establishment of the not-for-profit MIDL Foundation solves this issue.

The MIDL Foundation is governed by Board of the MIDL Foundation.

The complete Articles of Association of the MIDL Foundation can be found here.