The MIDL Foundation is governed by the following board members:

Program board

The members of the program board are responsible for managing the review and paper selection process of the conference, and are appointed typically for 3 years.

  • Adrian V. Dalca
  • Adrien Depeursinge
  • Andrew P. King
  • Carole Frindel
  • Caroline Petitjean
  • Dwarikanath Mahapatra
  • Enzo Ferrante
  • Francesco Ciompi
  • Guang Yang
  • Huazhu Fu
  • Ilker Hacihaliloglu
  • Ingerid Reinertsen
  • Jelmer M. Wolterink
  • Hao Chen
  • Jianming Liang
  • Juan Eugenio Iglesias
  • Jonas Richiardi
  • Jose Dolz
  • Konstantinos Kamnitsas
  • Baiying Lei
  • Lisa M. Koch
  • Mathias Unberath
  • Minjeong Kim
  • Nicha C. Dvornek
  • Ninon Burgos
  • Pierrick Coupe
  • Ryutaro Tanno
  • Sandy Engelhardt
  • Sila Kurugol
  • Veronika Cheplygina
  • Xiahai Zhuang

Researchers in the MIDL community that want to be actively involved in the yearly organization of MIDL or help shape the meeting in other ways are invited to contact the MIDL board at [email protected].