Welcoming Women in MIDL

Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) Virtual Satellite Event 2024

May 22, 2024 at 3-4PM CET

Presenting an event targeted at MIDL researchers who identify as female and allies. Zoom link available upon registration.

Dr Alina Gales Portrait of Alina Gales

Dr. Alina Gales’ work revolves around the intersections of diversity, discrimination and digitalization. She is Chief of Staff and Diversity Lead for the Senior Vice President for Talent Management & Diversity at the European Union's no.1 academic institution, the Technical University of Munich (TUM). She completed her PhD in Gender Studies in Engineering & Science at the TUM during which she was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley in the USA. Talking on "Biases in and through AI"

Dr Emma Robinson Portrait of Emma Robinson

Dr Emma Robinson is a Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Professor) at King’s College London, she is Principal Investigator in the Machine Learning for Translational Imaging and Cortical Surfaces (MeTrICS) Lab and she sits on the board of Medical Imaging Deep Learning (MIDL) . Talking on "Surviving academic Stockholm syndrome: deciding when to fight to change a biased system and when to walk away"

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