MIDL logos

This page contains all logos from the different MIDL editions, meant to be embedded in created materials (e.g. authors slides).

EditionKey color
MIDL foundation#506775
MIDL 2018 Amsterdam#506775
MIDL 2019 London#4E7268
MIDL 2020 Montréal#5170B1
MIDL 2021 Lübeck#004B5A
MIDL 2022 Zürich#268BCC
MIDL 2023 Nashville#B18630
MIDL 2024 Paris#AA0000
MIDL 2025 Salt Lake City#FF862C

A style guide is also available.

MIDL foundation

MIDL foudation logo

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2018 — Amsterdam

MIDL Amsterdam logo

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2019 — London

MIDL London logo

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2020 — Montréal

MIDL Montréal logo

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2021 — Lübeck

MIDL Lübeck

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2022 — Zürich

MIDL Zürich

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2023 — Nashville

MIDL Nashville

MIDL Nashville reversed

SVG (white logo)

MIDL 2024 — Paris

MIDL ParisMIDL Paris reversed

SVG (white logo)