MIDL Winter Workshop

Winter Workshop 2024

The MIDL Foundation is proud to present the the next online event within its annual cycle: The MIDL Winter Workshop 2024! Two parallel workshops, specifically designed for young researchers, and exactly at the time of the (academic) year where you need them the most!

As in previous editions, the core idea is to prepare less experienced researchers for their contributions to MIDl 2024, be it paper submissions or reviewing. Thus, we will host two workshops on exactly these topics, including practical sessions to sharpen your research skills.

The Winter Workshop 2024 will take place on 16 January 2024 as a virtual Zoom event. It will be divided into two workshop tracks that run in parallel. The event will be free of charge. However, a mandatory registration is necessary, and Zoom links will be send out after registration.

Paper writing workshop slides


The core idea of the Winter Workshop is to support young researchers in taking their first steps towards authoring a publication or serving as a reviewer. Therefore, the event hosts two workshop tracks that will be run in parallel, namely „How to write an award-winning paper“ and „How to write an outstanding review“. Both workshops will feature an introductory tutorial and an intense hands-on session in small groups, guided by experienced moderators. Due to the strategic date of the Winter Workshop, the participants will be directly prepared to submit to or review for MIDL 2024.

How to write an award-winning paper Portrait of Hoel Kervadec

You want to submit your research to MIDL 2024, but you have troubles putting it all together on 8 pages? You do not have a lot of experience with writing papers, or you just want to impress the reviewers with your next submission? Join this workshop to learn how to make your paper award-winning! After a tutorial full of valuable hints, dos and don’ts, there will be an intense hands-on session in smaller groups, guided by experienced moderators. In this session, you will discuss and fine-tune your own manuscript. So if you are planning to submit to MIDL 2024, bring your first draft and go out with a substantially revised version. We are happy that the workshop will be led by Dr. Hoel Kervadec from Erasmus MC. He will be supported by a great team (stay tuned).

How to write an outstanding review Portrait of Maria Vakalopoulou

You were invited to review for MIDL 2024, for another venue or even a journal? You want to take your first steps in writing reviews independently, or you just want t become more efficient in doing so? Join this workshop to learn how to write outstanding reviews. After a tutorial loaded with hints from experienced, senior colleagues, you will discuss real reviews from previous MIDL editions, including their rating by the program board. You will learn how to open up your own mind to grasp a manuscript from different perspectives, and how a review should be formulated to give a value to the authors. We are proud that the workshop will be led by Prof. Dr. Maria Vakalopoulou from CentraleSupélec She will be supported by a great team, stay tuned.


Note that the schedule is tentative and might evolve.

(all times CET)

Writing workshop

ProgramTime Slot
Welcome in Zoom14:50 - 15:00
Presentation “How to write an award-winning paper” including Q&A (Dr. Hoel Kervadec)15:00 - 15:45
Sharing experience on how to use chatGPT for writing assistance including discussion. (Joeran Bosma)15:45 - 16:05
Presentation “How to make your research reproducible?” including Q&A (Attila Simko)16:15 – 16:45
Breakout rooms for individual questions16:45 – 17:30

Reviewing workshop

ProgramTime Slot
Welcome in Zoom14:50 - 15:00
Presentation “How to write an outstanding review” including Q&A (Prof. Dr. Maria Vakalopoulou)15:00 - 16:00