Call for organizers of MIDL 2025

The MIDL Board is inviting interested researchers to bid for organizing MIDL 2025 or a later edition. If we receive multiple strong bids, we may already decide on locations for MIDL in 2026 and beyond.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Timeline, deadlines

  • Deadline for submitting bids: January 12, 2024
  • If we have multiple strong bids, we may invite prospective organizing team to pitch in an online board meeting. This will take place on Feb 2, 2024


The MIDL board has decided of the following locations for the upcoming MIDL editions:

  • 2025: non-Europe
  • 2026: Europe
  • 2027: non-Europe
  • 2028: Europe
  • 2029: Europe
  • 2030: non-Europe

Financial details

All previous editions of MIDL were organized with support and financial guarantees of local institutions and local funds from the organizers. The MIDL Foundation can supply a loan to cover upfront costs, for, e.g., the venue or gala dinner. Please indicate in the bid a tentative budget and possibilities to take local financial responsibility for scenarios from 300 participants and beyond, and indicate the maximum possible number of particpants (typically determined by the capacity of the conference room at the venue, as MIDL is a single track conference).

Contents of the bid book

  • Proposed location (city), motivation for the location
  • Accessibility of the location
  • Conference should allow recording and streaming of all talks and have a good space for the poster sessions.
  • Proposed dates (3 full days), early July is the target, prevent collisions with other events in the city
  • Proposal for general chairs, program chairs, local organizers, advisors (names, google scholar profile link). We encourage bids supported by diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Proposed venues with capacity for attendees (single track) and posters
  • Cost estimation for venues, with food/catering, strong/weak points of the venues
  • Possibilities, if any, of local sponsorship, e.g., by university, tourism/conference office
  • Possibilities for hotels/lodging near/in the venue
  • Budget estimates for upfront payments, if any
  • Tentative schedule for key dates (to be discussed with MIDL Board)
  • Ideas to attract and support young researchers, and general ideas for the conference, e.g., attract different audiences like clinicians, industry, minorities and underrepresented groups, special events, etc
  • Ideas/suggestions/motivations for changes w.r.t. previous editions
  • Suggestions/ideas for keynote speakers